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We are a communications consultancy, freeing your creativity to focus on what you do best.
We identify the core essence of your business, collaborating with you while forming a promotional strategy and design. We produce a complete palette of marketing material and IT systems including websites. We will teach you how to work with your marketing efficiently and easily. We work to enable you to handle all of your new and existing online client relationships in a simple and more effective way coupled with a quality that matches your enterprise. Core values to our company are integrity, trust and confidentiality. 

Elizabeth Copeland (nee Thomsen)
Art Director
Award winning Film-maker
IT developer

Communications Consultancy
Know yourself – tell the world! Use your website to attract clients and guide them through your enterprise. Our first meeting will involve discussing every essence of your enterprise and we will design your communications strategy around the way you work. 

IT Consultancy
From here, we can then understand who you are and how you work. We can then design and develop the best IT and web solution to further assist your enterprise. We will also provide you what we believe to be the world’s easiest web updating systems. With this system, you can easily and effectively develop the content on your website, so that you are able to maintain an updated website with the minimum of effort.  

Social Media
Do you need a presence on social media? We will discuss with you how to use an automatic broadcast service to transform the way you communicate with clients on a daily basis. The methods we use are designed to communicate in an intelligent and pertinent way all your posts and tweets so that your clients can easily and effectively engage with you.

Multimedia work
You may be running an event or wish to tell people the way in which you engage with your clients and community. We produce high quality film and multimedia to illustrate your endeavours!

You may wish to include a film so that your clients can see what you do as well as read about you while on the move.  Led by awarded film-maker, Elizabeth, our films are dynamic and stylish. You may see examples of our work in our film portfolio.

Graphic design, logos, icons and graphic user interfaces, larger pieces and artwork for print

We produce high quality and punchy designs. 

We consult, plan, budget, produce and publish:

Websites, Webshops and other IT solutions and Social Media
For all types of businesses and individuals. Together with our network of developers, we fulfill all types of system requirements. Our clients are able to update their websites very easily and many are inspired to write their own web content using our simple and highly effective system. Working with websites always includes the design and integration of social media systems including Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, designed newsletters and much more. 

Content for web, print media and other media
Photography, text, graphics, Flash, 3D animations and films of all types.

Film and animation
For presentation, education, entertainment, promotion, producing prototypes – for the Web and DVD.

Graphic User Interfaces (GUI)
For software solutions of all types. We work under secrecy for many innovators, designers and fabricators developing prototypes. 

Innovation and inventions
We are experienced in the production of documentation required for the development of new inventions and products, including copyright and patent applications. We work with patent attorneys and are continually involved in the safe conduit of creative innovations and processes.