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Raven's Eye Media courses

Why book a course with Elizabeth Copeland?
- The course programme is tailored to your needs.
- You will share 25 years of experience.
- Follow up after the course is comprehensive and professional.

All courses are held in Milton Keynes Central Library, 555 Silbury Boulevard, MK9 3HL.
Meet up every Tuesday 5 to 5:55 pm for an inspirational course (£10) and social gathering after.

Enquiries: Elizabeth Copeland 07543281999 - Email:
Read about your teacher.

Raven's Eye Media courses Raven's Eye Media courses

Operate Your Enterprise with Joy - course at 5 to 5:55 pm every Tuesday - fee £10
The purpose of this initiative is to take promotion back to its roots in a very confusing world where some things change and some things remain the same. There are four themes:

Operate Your Enterprise With Joy – Basics
Essence, motivation, planning, pricing, budget, strategies, seo, google analytics How we form the best basis for our promotion.

Operate Your Enterprise With Joy – Solidly Online
Website + social media, plugins, apps, seo How we plan, structure and design our communication channels.

Operate Your Enterprise With Joy – Image
Films, photos, sounds, seo How we produce a perfect presentation of an enterprises' essence.

Operate Your Enterprise With Joy – Dialogue
Client communication, sales, pricing, newsletter, seo, email, social media How we share an enterprises essence and connect with new and existing customers.

You are the expert at your enterprise and know the essence of what drives it. Come and learn how best to promote your special trade.

- Promotional strategy and budget
- Tools, skills and work processes
- Ideas to profile your enterprise
- Media material
- Distribution channels - network

4 evening classes: Marketing MOT, Professional Online, Film Making for Promotion, Coexistence in Business - £12 per class
Courses take place on weekdays from 4 to 5;55 pm with between 4 and 6 participants and with a 30 minute follow up consultation with each student online via Skype. Read more below.

Promotion In Your Enterprise - 2 day course - £165
A comprehensive course teaching you all you need to learn to be able to promote your products and services professionally. Content: Goals, preferences, targets, strategies, methods, work-flow, resources, skills, choice of tools and planning. You get a test-system to work with after the course and support for 3 months. Read more below.

Individual Courses By Arrangement
Would you like to adapt a workflow, arrange a workshop, get individual tuition and/or test your business idea? Read more below.

Marketing MOT 

Why do you need to show your characteristics and essence of what you do? Simply, you need to explain how you create value and benefit your clients. You do this by creating a professional look, a complete presentation of your products and services, an in-depth profile, constantly updated content and photos, films and illustrations from your enterprise. As an example, we at Raven's Eye Media create value because "We identify the core essence of your business, collaborate with you while forming a promotional strategy, design and produce the complete palette of marketing material, IT systems including websites and we teach you how to work with your marketing efforts efficiently and easily".
Read more.

Professional Online

Creating your website content strategy, including other channels like social media, Google Maps, blogs and video channels. In recent years the choice of media types and channels for promoting your enterprise has grown to such an extent it is now very difficult and time consuming to look at all the possibilities available. Deciding where you should invest time and resources has become increasingly more difficult. Your footprints in the digital universe can be shaped so that they are clearly representative of your enterprise. We teach you how to create posts that make sense and to guide people to the real content you wish to share. When approached in the right manner social media, such as YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, can be an effective resource. These pages can help your enterprise channel its message more effectively and encourage a more engaged dialogue with business relations and clients, as well as gaining rank with search engines. We form a promotion strategy based on our investigations, research and analysis, identifying the most effective types of marketing material and distribution channels for your enterprise. This will result in your budget for media material and marketing being more efficiently targeted. Read more.
You are invited to comment on my blog "Social media".

Filmmaking For Promotion

We teach you how to produce high quality films, which you can include on your website. Learn how to send films by email so your clients can watch what you do as well as read all about it on their tablets while on the move. Film-making only achieves the highest quality when the team plays well together. An example for the work-flow for your film production, which we will introduce at the course, could be:

  • Research
  • Concept development
  • Manuscript
  • Production plan
  • Budget and cost estimate
  • Collection of data/media material/information
  • Photography and movie recording
  • Authoring of texts
  • Editing of photos and movie
  • Graphic artwork production/animations
  • Evaluation
  • Final editing
  • Distribution and publishing

  • Your teacher is an award winning filmmaker: Elizabeth's short fiction film, The Umbrella (28 min) was shown at and awarded

    Filmfestival in Huy, Belgium (Palm d'Argent, Prix de l'Office du Tourisme)
    Filmfestival Wattrelos, France (Medaille d'Or)
    Independent Film Festival Cork, Ireland (Best European Film)

    The course will work with the concept of producing a 3-4 minute presentation film, accessible via video server (e.g. YouTube) or directly from the webpage. Read more.

    Coexistence In Business

    An introduction to the theories of Alfie Kohn; his criticisms of competition and rewards have been widely discussed and debated, and he has been described in Time magazine as perhaps the country's (USA) most outspoken critic of education's fixation on grades and test scores.

    In our workshop Elizabeth will share her wealth of experience from how her clients, with whom she has worked for over 20 years, prosper from coexisting with other enterprises, including their competitors.

    We also touch upon the subject 'coexistence psychology' which deals with how to best meet your 'coexistors' and not see them as the enemy.

    "We have been trained not only to compete frantically, but to believe in the value of beating people - and to help our children become winners. Research and experience, however, demonstrate that competition is actually destructive to self-esteem, poisonous to relationships, and counterproductive in terms of learning. Spelling bees, awards assemblies, competitive sports, and even informal contests at home teach children to regard other people as potential obstacles to their own success. The result is that everyone ultimately loses in the desperate race to win.... The alternative is not merely the absence of competition but the construction of caring communities in which people help each other to succeed." (Alfie Kohn)

    However, it is both in human nature to compete and to coexist. Which characteristic would we like to encourage in ourselves, and which will make us successful in pursuing what we want in life? While it is widely accepted, but rarely defended, that competition is inevitable, this claim is based on the thesis that competition is part of 'human nature'? Can such a claim be substantiated? Who benefits from this position? Or, can we choose not to let competition drive us, and choose coexistence over it?

    This course was held for 100 students at DLD College in London 2016 and 2017 and in Bristol and Cambridge in 2018. Read more.
    You are invited to comment on my blog "Enjoy your enterprise".

    Raven's Eye Media 2 day course

    Two Day Course: Promotion Of Your Enterprise
    See also my BLOG about this course: "Why Learn About Marketing?"

    To benefit entrepreneurs in understanding your marketing processes is a game changer. You are an expert at your enterprise and only you fully know the essence of what fuels its operations and attracts its clients. For over twenty-five years I have worked with entrepreneurs and their marketing, and over these years I always see one thing repeated; those that take a genuine interest in their marketing are the most sustainable and agile as times change. They sell well and get many more exciting assignments and clients.

    Your Benefits
    You will benefit massively from knowing how your tailored marketing processes are best tuned to serve your interests. Your priorities in your work day are maximised; by spending more time productively working on the jobs and the clients on which you are really focused and thus avoiding the tasks in which you are not interested.

    Course Content
    Our two day course will introduce to you a diligent analysis of what you and your enterprise specifically need. From this basis our course will tailor a strategy as the course content to best serve your purposes and ensure that you leave with both a correct strategy and the skills to carry it out.

    Tailor-made means that the course is adapted and designed to your exact requirements, both regarding budget, targets, preferred work methods including what you sub-contract to people like us. In addition, the course will help you with tools, equipment and software acquisitions and teach you how to learn the best use of them. This will include using Google's SEO platform, web-crawlers registration, Analytics, Adwords and so much more - and you will learn how to test your plans and adjust them as you gain more experience.

    Our two day course contains:

  • A Complete analysis of your enterprise.
  • Discussion of values and preferences.
  • Introduction to Promotional Tools and Methods.
  • Strategy Choices - Financial, Practical, Methods, Tools, Style and Pace.
  • Writing your Enterprise Document, Promotional Budget/Plan, List of Assets/Tools and Requirement Specification.
  • Implementation of Promotional Tools and Methods.
  • Planning for the Remaining Course with Emphasis on Priorities.

  • After the initial analysis of the enterprises of each participant, who have been brought together on the specific course because their requirements matched, we can specifically shape the course content. Participants and course leaders will then make a mutual decision on the final course plan. Follow-up sessions after the course are individual.

    The Course will deal with:

  • Photography for web and image processing.
  • Video production for the web.
  • Web design and menu planning.
  • Web-shop module and online payment.
  • System requirement specification, testing plan and publishing. Ongoing processes.
  • Online channels management and publishing system. Budget, plan, analysis of return of investment and sales measuring method.
  • Print media management and publishing system.
  • Client communication systems. Booking systems.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation for Dummies.
  • Creation of offers, pricing and conditions.
  • Online selling, methods and logistics.
  • Sale of consultancy online.
  • Legal ressources, options, cost and practicalities. FSB.
  • 3/4 way evaluation, summary, planning of follow up and additional course material.
  • Reassessment, decisions regarding priorities.
  • Completion of documents, promotional and course follow up plans and web and media prototypes.
  • Repetition of chosen subjects.
  • Final summary and evaluation.

  • Each two day course will accommodate between 2 and 6 participants and is planned so that the types of businesses represented will match and compliment each other in order to create the best course dynamics.

    Courses can be booked in a variety of ways: with Elizabeth Copeland either via FB message, phone 07543281999, or by sending an email to or via the mail form on our website. Breaks and meals will take place during the course in agreement with the participants. There is a constant supply of drinks and snacks.

    The course fee of £165.00 is paid either in full at the beginning of the course or in two halves at the beginning of each course day. You are at liberty to end the participation half-way through in the unlikely event that the course is not what you expected or you assess that you have already learned what you needed on day one.

    Here are some the questions and themes which we shall introduce on our two day course.

    Whilst operating your enterprise, you will find that your goals continually need to be adjusted as you go. Setting goals is a great process that involves everything in relation to your enterprise and its people, products and services. Your measuring methods need to evolve and expand in all dimensions around simple questions that everyone involved can answer;

    What is success?
    What is a good product or service?
    What is in a loyal supplier/customer relationship?
    What determines the budget and resources?
    How sustainable, in every way, are the products/services?

    For the future, will you be looking to:

    Get more customers?
    Find different types of customers?
    Introduce new products or services?
    Put your prices up?
    Attract customers for a specific product or service?
    Increase your selling to existing customers?
    Incorporate some, or all of the above?

    We all work in different ways and this is where team work is excellent at ensuring that our collective efforts are successful. Finding opinions from each person involved helps us to get a more complete picture of what will motivate the enterprise as a whole.

    What has worked well and what has not worked for you so far?
    Do you prefer real-life contact sales, phone sales or automated IT-based sales solutions?
    What are your strengths in relation to marketing and sales?

    The targets that we set ourselves are often closely related to factors that are not always in plain sight within our enterprise. It is important to make a list of all relevant influences before you assess your targets. Then you can allow room for further innovation and aspirations as well.

    What are you prepared to invest in order to achieve your targets?
    What are your priorities?
    How can you measure if the targets you are looking to reach are being met?

    It is essential that your strategies continue to keep motivating everybody.
    Would you like to automate and execute your custom-made plan with quick results?
    Would you like to like to take your time to try strategies out and adapt your approach?
    Would you like to communicate with potential customers as you run your campaigns?
    Are you receptive to the opinions of your clients in response to your campaigns?

    There are many ways to do the same job to achieve a similar end result. Here again, it is best to engage methods that fuel the driving force: your motivation. Some methods are cheaper to implement, others will be more time-effective, but sometimes not as productive. The more you have hands on in a structured way, the better you can catch future customers willing to communicate with you.

    What value do you put on personal, phone and digital customer contact respectively?
    Do you, or your employees, like to tell stories and share information about your work?
    Do you make films presenting your enterprise and products?
    Do you want to work with custom-made IT-solutions to promote your enterprise?
    Would you be willing to learn how to, and work with part of your promotion on a daily basis?
    Have you decided how much you will invest in your promotion?

    Although most people do not like to be conformed in their work day, a structured work-flow will win hearts over once it is rehearsed and experiences are gained. It is essential that strategies are continuously evaluated and adapted. Often customers react well to seeing offers from different angles over time; finally leading to an enquiry. Social media news feeds cannot replace a structured website where content can be presented in a comprehensible way.

    Is it acceptable to you that our methods will create a framework for you in parts of your workday?
    Do you agree that structured, planned work can improve efficiency and results?
    Are you willing to learn new skills to fulfil your identified action plan?

    Will your enterprise invest what it takes to carry out a promotional strategy?
    Do you have the stamina to see your plans through over time whilst waiting for results?
    Are you able to enter into a close working relationship with your supplier and share your promotional initiatives?
    Is your promotional budget realistic? Does it balance with your turnover and targets?

    What types of promotional skills do you have in your enterprise?
    How can you best target those skills? Can you divert personel or resources to carry out promotional strategies?
    How do you handle your communications with the outside world?

    Choice of tools
    What types of promtional tools, software and hardware, do you already use?
    Is the updating of your website, and other media outlets, effective?
    Do you have AV equipment? Do you know how to use it?
    What new skills can you learn?

    Are you ready to make new promotional plans?

    Individual courses by arrangement
    Adapt a work-flow, arrange a workshop, get individual tuition and/or test your business idea.

    Adapt a great workflow

    Our web-based system is developed for you to work more efficiently. It contains all the online tools you need making it easy to utilise Google's criteria for achieving the best possible ranking in search engine results. Read more. You are invited to comment on my blog "Promotional strategy".

    Arrange a workshop
    You can arrange a workshop with us and have it tailored to your requirements. Themes could be:

    Promotional strategy
    The use of video in your business
    Inspiration / innovation in focus areas
    Digital documents containing multi media
    Advice on equipment and software
    Your ideas

    Individual tuition and support
    We offer ongoing tuition and support to assist you and your employees in all areas.

    Test your business idea in 90 minutes
    We take you through a very efficient process analysing your business ideas culminating in comments and recommendations in every area of the start-up and subsequent development of your enterprise.

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