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 Your webshop - £30 /month
The webshop is very easy to use and has many useful modules that empower the shop owner to carry out all tasks; product import, accounts, stock keeping, product variations, newsletters, payment solutions, languages and platforms across countries and so much more.

The Danish webshop hosting gives free support in English by phone and email.

Payment modules
Payment integration module
£14 /month  
Paypal solution
£6 /month

Useful modules

Import/export module*
£14 /month

B2B module*
(with price differenciation)
£25 /month

*One time fee for establishing these solutions

We advise on

Paypal E-commerce - 
(Charge a percentage of turnover)

Ebay -
(Charge a percentage of turnover)

YouTube -
(Free of charge, add a payment solution) 

Our consultancy

Our clients are presented with a relevant range of choices of consultancy packages and ways to invest in e-commerce. The amount of consultancy hours we provide varies a lot, as it depends on our clients' skills and how much they take an interest in this area. Some clients have relevant basic skills and move on very quickly by themselves. Others need regular consultancy.

Our consultancy fee  
£35 per hour
6 hours paid in advance: £150 

Budget example £1109

Research, concept  
2 hrs:  £50

Plan, requirements
1 hr: £25
Processing of media material 
3 hrs: £75

Photo, filmmaking 
Recording: 2 hrs: £84
Editing: 3 hrs: £75

Authoring of texts
3 hrs: £75

Graphic artwork
(inkl. simple animations)
2 hrs: £50

Evaluation with client
1 hr: £25

Final adjustments
1 hr: £25

Implementation of 150 products for sale
20 hrs: £500

Final evaluation
1 hr: £25

Distribution, publishing, campaigning, search engine optimisation
5 hrs: £125

Xtra languages
For each language an xtra site is established and costs £28 /month

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