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 Mobile apps
- function on mobile phones and tablet computers to some degree like a website and they work by their own installation independently from browsers or other plugins 

The great advantage is that you, as a business, can be sure that your content is easily received on mobile devices and your functionality to present and sell your products and services is playing without obstacles and in a way that performs optimally on the device.

It is possible to create content and design that resembles a website in a mobile app. A better strategy is often to identify the areas of benefits from functionalities in each type of device, because a mobile phone or smaller tablet device does not display and function like a computer. As it is essential to most types of businesses to maintain the many benefits of a professional website, it is in most cases we would not recommend that the website is made simpler to match the mobile app.

A good strategy is often to create one or several mobile apps that are specifically suited for the mobile devices, handy for the purpose of people browsing while on their way and which complement and interact with the functionality and information on the more resourceful website to perfection. Providing concept, strategy and requirement specification is thoroughly prepared as part of the process, developing a mobile app can be done for a price starting at £350.

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