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Tune your business for international operations

English – Norwegian – Danish – Spanish – Japanese – Arabic – German - French

Your business may have much to offer across the borders of its country of residence. There may be many opportunities for productive collaboration with other businesses across various borders.  With the continuous and rapid development of communication and logistic technologies, the limit of your horizon need not be limited to the business channels you have used thus far. 

New business opportunities areas are emerging and business leaders with initiative and foresight are beginning to see all the new possibilities.   When you tune the profiling and communication systems of your business for international operations, you pave the way for this area of working and trading.

The international profiling of a business can be developed into a variety of profiles, each targeted for different areas of business as well as different countries and cultures.

Language is not the only issue when you adapt your concept to target groups across the border. The geographical location, distance from your business, culture of communication, type of consumers and business traditions must also play a part in forming your business strategies.

We aim to inspire, guide, teach and coach business leaders and employees in the use of the latest methods of communicating in order to enable businesses to compete on a level playing field in this global marketplace.

We offer:

Tuned business profile and tools for sales and collaboration on an international level.

Coaching in efficient communication methods and writing for the target markets.

Our work includes:

Carrying out in-depth analysis of current business and communication strategies.

Taking a lead role in forming new competitive communication strategies.

Creating high quality profiles and tailor made communication systems for international marketing and sales activities.

Giving support to the leadership/management team in creating user friendly web based systems that will become part of the business work flow as important and efficient tools.

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